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Ecology, environmental protection, health, comfortable living environment is increasingly becoming a new topic, high-tech enterprises is the country to vigorously develop the industry. Hubei Boyuejia Group keeps up with the development of the times, has rapidly grown into a national reputation, renowned overseas leader. Hubei Boyuejia – the most professional high-tech health group in central China, Hubei Boyuejia Group was established in 2006, located in “China Optical Valley” international building, Ezhou Economic Development Zone, built an independent research and development, production base, specialized in lightweight energy saving wall panel, whole house, lightweight energy saving wall panel production line, and soft ceramic tile decoration environmental protection material research and development, production, sales and installation. Just ten years, Boyuejia went through opening international trade, standardizing International quality system, applying invention patent, researching developing and producing new product, and rapidly growth all-around, Group has informed Boyuejia industrial as group leader, other industries for the wings of the strtegic development pattern.

Now we have Hubei Boyuejia Industrial Co., Ltd, Hubei Boshi Medical Devices Co., Ltd. and many other subsidiaries. Hubei Boyuejia Industrial Co., Ltd., with modern plant 500,000 square meters, nearly a hundred sets advanced production equipment, with an annual output of various types lightweight energy-saving wall materials more than one million square meters, flexible ceramic tiles more than 1,500,000 square meters, integrated with R&D, manufacturing, sales, and installation. Annual sales reach up to 40 million US dollars, the exporting amount reaches $20 million, accounting for 50% of total sales.

“Boyuejia” brand lightweight energy-saving composite sandwich board, choose new type environmental protection calcium silicate board, EPS polystyrene etc, dozens of raw materials, be formed after pouring, high temperature and pressure, 3D fixed and more than a dozen special processes, products with superior performances like lightweight, energy saving,, fireproof and waterproof, sound insulation, heat preservation, environment friendly, earth resistance, etc., widely used in high-rise buildings, whole house and housing renovation projects, residential, hotel, office, plant, preferred wall materials for public buildings.

“Bo Yue Jia” brand flexible ceramic tiles, select inorganic materials with high molecular polymer, processed with Germany technology. The products are good mechanical strength, strong impact resistance, excellent durability and flexibility with rich color design, strong combined with the base and easy to install. As a kind of innovation-type environment ecological wall materials, Boyuejia products’ cost-effective and environmental, are better than the other paints, tiles decorative surface material! Lightweight and easy to transport, without plaster, good effect, time and energy saving, no radiation, reusable and no construction waste, can be arbitrary cutting, size adjusted and cost saving.

Hubei Boshi Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.
It’s located in Optic Valley Harbour of Technology Times, Wuhan, with 50 staffs. We engaged in R&D, production, sales and after-sales services of laser therapy device and other beauty and healthcare equipment. We strictly according to the standard of National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Medical Equipment. We have various of products such as wrist type semiconductor laser therapy device, rhinitis semiconductor laser therapy device, headache treatment instrument, pain relief instrument, etc. various of national quasi-world medical device products. The greatest medical invention of the 21st century, Boshi medical laser therapy devices, it has been applied in Tongren Hospital attached to Capital Medical University, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Tongji Medical College of HUST, etc. In many famous medical hospitals and clinics. A high-tech intelligent way for multidisciplinary diseases treatment, excellent performance, good efficacy. Our products have been widely welcomed by the majority of clinicians.

Strength is from profession, profession creates value! Our group have gained ISO9001 & CE certification, “Innovative pilot enterprises in Hubei Province”, advanced unit of popularization of science, devoted to doing good to the village, certified unit of new wall material, advanced unit to launch to do the popularization of science, and so on many honors, continuously established long-term cooperation with Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan University of Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan transportation vocational college, Changjiang Vocational University and other research institutions, obtained 8 utility model patent ,2 patent for invention. Pieces of well-made products, showing Boyuejia’s ingenuity and innovation, and BoShi’s excellence and intelligence.

Company Culture
Grasp the good opportunity of the times, the achievements of the miracle! All staff of Boyuejia (China) Group, under the leadership of Chairman Shi Jiantao, adhering to the “people-oriented, caring for life, the pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation concept of development, structuring reputation-based, quality first, “innovation and double win, beyond the future’s operation mode, aim at ” more healthy for customer, more opportunities for employees, more harmonious for society, to create a healthy enterprise culture Environment. Quickly set up research and development production, domestic and foreign trade, installation, consulting services department operation, created a global coverage, high-speed production, and sales of the marketing network, successfully achieved a steady progress, fast and great of a leap-forward development.

2012, Hubei Boyuejia group successfully built China – Wuhan International Exhibition Center with 50000 square meters. 2013, Hubei Boyuejia group successfully built China – Xi ‘an The People’s Hospital with 65000 square meters, successful built exported 2 production line to Vietnam. 2014, Hubei Boyuejia group successfully built China – Wuhan Union Hospital with 75000 square meters, successful built China – Changsha Deiss Hotel with 60000 square meters. In May of 2015, Hubei Boyuejia group successfully built Qatar international project with 70000 square meters, successfully built 4 production lines to Indonesia. In June of 2016, Hubei Boyuejia group successfully built China – Wuhan Tianhe International airport project with 120000 square meters. Then Boyuejia group successfully built in India, Brazil, Chile, Bangladesh, etc., many countries, gradually Expand whole prefabricated house comprehensive engineering. Excellent quality, excellent service, Boyuejia Group products have been exported to Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Mozambique, Oman, the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Hungary, the United States, Brazil, Chile, more than 60 countries and regions.

Looking to the future
Thriven on the top of quality, grown on the road of health! Passionate burst, excellent innovation “Boyuejia” people, will devote on “science serves to human health, medical science care health”, committed to creating blue sky and green water, healthy humanities living. Based in Wuhan, extended to the country and the world, “Boyuejia” will carry the dream and hope for rising strongly, stretching the wings, flying higher and higher.