Sandwich Panels

1, What is the thickness of calcium silicate board independently?

The thickness of calcium silicate board is 4.5mm on each side, so total thickness is 9mm.

2, What is your recommendation on usage ( for what kind of a construction each panel can be used in accordance with the thickness )?

Usually, we suggest to use 50-100mm panels for interior wall partition, 120-200mm for exterior wall.

3, Whether the panel might access easily to fix nails or to drill without any damage to the panel or the EPS - Cement mixture?

Yes, this panel can be easily fixed by steel bar, and can be cut by electric saw at any size freely.

4, How would you guaranty the quality of your products and would like to know whether a warranty is available for the products we are to order?

The physical property of this panel will not be changed with the time goes by, generally speaking, it maybe damaged during transport or improper use or man-made damage.

5, What are the advantages of your sandwich panels with compared to the competitors?

Compared with the competitors, our panels are with the following advantages:
Lightweight, low cost, economical, environment-friendly, sound Insulation (38-55dB), waterproof, anti-earthquake, fireproof (A grade, 4hours under 1000℃), heat Preservation, increase the usable area, easy and fast Installation (3 workers as a group, can install about 120sqm/day totally).

6, When the time goes by, whether the panel might damage due to the climate change and whether it can be harmed by insects?

Our panel will not be damaged due to the climate change, and also will not be harmed by insects. But for more than 2 storey or high-rise building, this panel need to combine with steel structures or concrete structures. And lifespan is about 50~70 years.

7, What are the disadvantages of your sandwich panel?

Our panel is non-load bearing wall panel, so when build several floors or high-rise buildings, must combine with steel structure or concrete structure.

8, Do you have any certificates or qualifications?

Yes. We have passed CE & ISO9001, and also have many test reports, the fireproof performance of our sandwich panel is more than 4 hours in the heat of 1000℃.

9, Can you offer sample for testing?

Of course, we can offer free small sample at your required thickness.

10, How long is your cargo ready?

Usually about two weeks after receipt deposit.

Flexible Wall Tiles

1, What is the composition of your flexible wall tiles?

Main materials are plasticizer, clay and mineral powder.

2, What size of flexible split brick can you produce?

Normal Size: 60mm*240mm and 100mm*240mm for optional, but can customize bigger sizes as request ( should smaller than 2.4*1.2m).

3, What temperature can this flexible split brick sustain?

It can sustain a temp of -60℃~60℃.

4, What is the color guaranty of your flexible wall tiles?

Its use lifespan is about 30~50 years.

5, What is the weight of your flexible wall tiles?

Its net weight is about 0.06kg/pcs for 60*240mm split brick.

6, What do you use to stick it to the surface?

Can use a specified cement adhesive to stick the flexible split brick to the surface of exterior wall.

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