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What is The Advantage of Flexible Wall Tiles?

1, Lightweight, Anti-seismic, high security.
Due to products using nature original sediment soil and modern high-tech inorganic polymer carbon fiber coating technology, modified from photo-chemical isomerization curve temperature catalytic, which make product higher and softer, especially safe and reliable when used in exterior wall of high-rise building.

2, Flame-retardant, smokeless, excellent fireproof performance.
The nature original soil add inorganic and a few organic bonding formed in the photo-chemical isomerization curve of temperature catalytic. When the fire broke no open flame without smoke, do not cause harm to human body. Its fireproof performance reached non-combustible.

3, Superior chemical stability, make products get self-cleaning, and get longer acid resistance, durability and weather ability.
Acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, UV resistance. Suitable for a variety of high-grade exterior decoration and product performance.

4, Energy-saving and low carbon, eco-friendly and healthy, suitable for both inside and outside decoration
With natural raw materials the product does not contain harmful compounds formaldehyde, VCO and other volatile and radioactive, and will not cause harm to the health of persons in the decoration, use, production and construction process, which is the green building product.

5, Potential saving the construction area, thickness only 1/3 thick of traditional brick wall.
Original material and modern production technology cast the super-thin, high performance textured decoration material.

6, Excellent flexibility, super separation strength and impact resistance.
The Advanced inorganic polymer carbon fiber technology is the most important technology of building decoration sticker, extraordinary stretching and peel strength improved the application of the product reach a excellent level.

7, Intelligent performance on breathable, antibacterial, water-proof, anti-cracking.
Intelligent and compact product membrane structure make product good at anti-enzyme anti-bacterial effect, breathe freely, waterproof, dimension-stability, low temperature changes, there BY keep the product with excellent anti-crack, anti-hollowing capacity etc, which make the facing structure more stable.

8, It can use for renovation of the old building decoration directly.
Because of a high bonding strength, because of the nature and beautiful appearance, lightweight, good flexibility, anti-crack, waterproof etc, they can be sticked on the old wall directly, thus it can save a lot of work and lobar cost about the proceeding for old urban renovation, meanwhile also can save more resources waste.

9, Easy-installation, colorful, high-strength natural effect.
Compared with the exterior dry hanging of the marble, granite, the construct of our product is more light weight, which greatly save the construction period, we used origin and natural raw material for the texture, basic on the traditional and modern art processing, collect more than 300 kinds of color tone, and elegant and abundant innate color, timeless, non-distortion, non-color changes within 30 years, which apply to the modern urban architecture characteristics of return to nature.

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