EPS Cement Sandwich Panels Composition

EPS Cement Sandwich Panel is a kind of lightweight energy saving wall material, which uses cement calcium silicate or reinforced calcium silicate board as face panel, filled with cement, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam particles, and as core material and forming by one time compound.

Product Certifications

  • CE Certificate
  • ISO9001 Certificate
  • Patent Certificate
  • Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Waterproof, Fireproof, Soundproof, Heatproof and Eco-friendly Test Reports
EPS sandwich panel composition

EPS Cement Sandwich Panels Applications

  • Non-load bearing interior & exterior wall panels, partition wall panels, floor panels, roof panels.
  • Bathrooms, kitchens, garages, basements, prefabricated houses, family homes, dormitories, residences, apartments, luxurious villas, factory warehouses, production workshops, auxiliary plants, hotels, bars, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, hospitals, airports, etc.
EPS Cement Sandwich Panel Application

EPS Cement Sandwich Panels Advantages

eps cement panels advantages
  • Energy-saving, environment-friendly
  • Green and environment-friendly, non-harmful substance, no radiation, reusable, no construction waste, widely used in various places.
  • Fireproof
  • The non-inflammability of the Boyuejia board can be reached national A level standard. Under the high temperature of 1000 degrees, the fireproof feature can last four hours, do not radiate toxic gasses.
  • Increased the usable area
  • The thickness of the board is between 50mm-200mm. It largely saves the construction space compared with the traditional block.
  • Anti-pressure, anti-quake and anti-impact
  • Because of fabricated construction, 3-in-1 structure and using tongue and groove to join panels, the anti-pressure, anti-quake and anti-impact all meet the national standard.
  • Waterproof and wetproof
  • The water container is made of Boyuejia material without any waterproof plaster with no leakage at all. The tests show that the material has good waterproofness and dampproof. Boyuejia material can be used in the wet area such as kitchen, toilet, and basement.
  • Sound insulation
  • Good sound insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction functions. For example, the amount of sound insulation is up to 40dB with the 90mm thickness of the wall board, which is 2 or 3 times than the traditional wall.
  • Simple construction, high efficiency
  • The wall material is completely dry work, fabricated construction. The materials can be arbitrary cut according to specification. During the construction of transportation concise, pile up, no need of mortal health file, greatly reduction the time duration, and the calibration material, reducing the low construction waste. Easily transported, clearly stack and no mortar batch file largely shorten the construction period. Besides, the construction waste can be reduced by the lowly loss rate.
  • Heat preservation
  • Wall materials mainly are made from environmental protection and energy saving heat insulation material. With a good heat insulation and preservation function, it can keep the indoor temperature at a stable range and make the environment much more comfortable.
  • Spiking and stickability
  • The wall material board can be nailed directly or install expansion bolt to hang heavy loads. The single point of hanging strength is above 45kg. The surface of the board can be covered by ceramic tile, wall paper, wood panel and other materials due to the smooth and ash-free features.
  • Lightweight and economy
  • The core material of wall board is filled with lightweight EPS. The volume-weight is about 600-800 kg/m3. Freely plastering and the weight is only 1/6 of the traditional wall.
  • Reusable and user-friendly
  • The wall board can be reused in the movable interior wall such as supermarket, office, etc. The lightweight energy-saving wall board can be reusable. Dismounting and installation are simple and improved usage rate and economy saving. Also it has no construction waste and no affect other people’s normal work.

EPS Cement Sandwich Panels Specification

Length (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Density (kg/㎡)ApplicationAppearance


6105038±5Non-load bearing
walls of houses and
With face board, calcium silicate board as face panel,
100% non asbestos calcium silicate panel.
* Specific size could be customized as per your request.
EPS Cement Sandwich Panels Size

EPS Cement Sandwich Panels Technical Performance Indicators

ItemsNational StandardsTesting Indexes
Anti-impact performance/ times≥5≥5≥5≥5≥5≥8≥10≥15≥18≥22
Anti-bending damage load/ times over dead- weight≥1.5≥1.5≥1.5≥1.5≥1.5≥3≥4≥5≥6≥7
Anti-pressure strength/ Mpa≥3.5≥3.5≥3.5≥3.5≥3.5≥3.5≥3.5≥3.5≥3.5≥3.5
Surface density/ kg/㎡≤70≤90≤110----≤55≤70≤85≤102≤117
Single point hanging strength/ N≥1000≥1000≥1000≥1000≥1000≥1000≥1200≥1300≥1400≥1500
Fire proof limit/ h≥1≥1≥1≥1≥1≥3≥3≥4≥4≥4
Sound insulation capacity in the air/ db≥30≥35≥40≥45≥50≥35≥40≥45≥50≥55
Soften coefficient≥0.8≥0.8≥0.8≥0.8≥0.8≥1≥1≥1≥1≥1
Moisture coefficient/ a%≤12≤10≤10≤8≤8≤10≤9≤7≤6≤6
Heat transfer coefficient/ B/W/M2.K≤2.0≤2.0≤2.0≤2.0≤1.0≤1.0≤0.6≤0.5≤0.4≤0.3
Drying shrinkage/ mm/m≤0.6≤0.6≤0.6≤0.6≤0.6≤0.4≤0.5≤0.5≤0.5≤0.5
Inner radiation index≤1≤1≤1≤1≤1≤1≤1≤1≤1≤1
Outer radiation index≤1≤1≤1≤1≤1≤1≤1≤1≤1≤1
Radioactivity limit≤1≤1≤1≤1≤1≤1≤1≤1≤1≤1

Weight Comparison Table of Common Building Materials In the Market

Internal WallExternal Wall
Total Weight
Total Weight
Sand Lime Brick18032480404Sand Lime Brick24043880518
Aerated Concrete Brick18014480224Aerated Concrete Brick24014480224
Wall Panel
Wall Panel