Sandwich Panels Installation Accessories

Anti-Crack Tape

anti crack tape

excellent capacity of anti-commanding, anti-cracking, thin, soft, easy connecting, durable, environment-friendly product. It is the best stitching and decorative product for the gypsum board, plywood board and other wall board.
Clean off dust in the gap between two panels. Plastering in the gap, then using 801 mortar or white mortar to stick the anti-crack tape on the gap.
5cm(W)×100m(L)  10cm(W)×100m(L)

Cement Adhesive

wall panels cement adhesive

The cement adhesive is mainly made from the normal 42.5 Portland cement, mixed with anti-crack materials and some additives by the pre-dry mixing technique, the finishes appear as powder. It can be used as the level coat for exterior wall. It is better to use the mortar together with the alkaline-resistant fiber glass cloth to prevent the wall cracking. With the character of the anti-crack, the mortar has become a necessary part for insulation wall which can improve the quality of the building and keep the wall from cracking. Anti-crack Mortar contributes a lot to improve the quality of the building.

Fiber Mesh Cloth

fiber mesh cloth

Glass fiber mesh cloth is using the glass fiber woven fabric as the substrate, with high seed emulsion immersion resistance coating. It has good alkali resistance, flexibility and latitude to high tensile resistance, can be widely used for heat prevention for both inside and outside wall insulation, waterproof, anti-cracking etc.

EPS Expandable Polystyrene Styrofoam

eps expandable polystyrene styrofoam

Expandable Polystyrene(EPS) is the thermoplastic material with the feature of well heat preservation. EPS can be widely used in various kinds of fields, such as construction material, heat preservation material of the cold storage, the air condition, vehicle, ships, floor heating material and decoration material. The feature of EPS chiefly embodies in low intensity, light weight, stable physical performance, environmental protection, non-toxic, fireproofing and convenient for construction.

Calcium Silicate Board

cacium silicate board

The Calcium Silicate Board is mainly used Calcium and silicate as basic material, reinforced by nature fiber, and tested in the high temperature and high pressure. It can be widely used as partition wall and ceiling. The competitive advantages of calcium silicate board are environmental protection, durability, high intensity, long life, waterproof and moisture proof, which make the calcium silicate board better than the gypsum board. Nowadays, calcium silicate board has become an important ideal building material in modern construction.